SAC-SINGLAS, Singapore

The SAC-SINGLAS accredited laboratory of WIKA Instruments Pte Ltd. has the following calibration and certification capabilities:

  • SAC-SINGLAS No LA-2015-0604-C
  • Accreditation: Calibration
  • Pressure -1 to 5000 bar (including absolute and barometric)
  • Temperature -196 °C, -80 °C to +1200 °C
  • Traceable calibration
  • 3.1 certificates

Testing, calibration & service capability guide

SAC-SINGLAS calibrations

Compound gauges
Master test gauges
Pressure gauges
Absolute gauges
Pressure calibrators
Pressure controllers
Air Data Test Set (ADTS)

Gas pressure thermometers
Dial thermometers
Digital thermometers
RTD sensors, with/without indicators
Thermocouple sensors, with/without indicators
Temperature sensors with transmitters

Traceable calibrators

Data loggers temperature
Dry-well calibrators
Pressure switches
Temperature switches