SAC-SINGLAS, Singapore

The SAC-SINGLAS accredited laboratory of WIKA Instruments Pte Ltd. has the following calibration and certification capabilities:

  • SAC-SINGLAS No LA-2015-0604-C
  • Accreditation: Calibration
  • Pressure -1 to 1000 bar
  • Temperature -30 to +1200°C (SAC-SINGLAS -20 to +1000°C)
  • Traceable calibration
  • 3.1 certificates

Testing, calibration & service capability guide

SAC-SINGLAS calibrations

Compound gauges
Master test gauges
Pressure gauges
Pressure calibrators
Pressure controllers

Gas pressure thermometers
Dial thermometers
Digital thermometers
RTD sensors
Thermocouple sensors
Temperature indicators

Traceable calibrators

Data loggers temperature
Dry-well calibrators
Pressure switches
Temperature switches