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Digitalised safety with new diaphragm seal system

Klingenberg, June 2021. The requirements of digitalised sterile processes are met by a new diaphragm seal system from WIKA with process transmitter, diaphragm monitoring and HART®7 protocol. The model DMSU21SA has approvals for all common hygiene standards and is available in a version with explosion protection.

The complete measuring arrangement is parameterised via a single cable outlet and HART®7. The communication protocol transmits the measured values as well as the alarm signal from the diaphragm monitoring. The patented safety function is based on a double diaphragm with evacuated intermediate space and a pressure switch. In the event of a rupture of the process-side diaphragm, the switch sends an immediate damage message while the second diaphragm continues to monitor the pressure.

The new diaphragm seal system measures pressures between -1 bar and 25 bar with an accuracy of 0.1 % of span. The model DMSU21SA is available with all sterile connections and the application-specific system fill fluids.

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Digitalised safety with new diaphragm seal system
  • Digitalised safety with new diaphragm seal system
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